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AI & IoT Insider Labs

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Advanced Technology Access

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming how people, devices and data interact in every sphere of life. It’s not just about cutting edge technology, it’s about the digital transformation of industries and reshaping of businesses. It’s about how you’re changing the world, and we would like to help.

If your organization is developing an AI and/or IoT solution, you may be able to use Microsoft’s AI & IoT Insider Labs to help accelerate bringing your product to market. You will work with dedicated developer experts from industry, share feedback with Microsoft’s product groups and collaborate with Microsoft's research.

Insider Labs

Accelerate your development

Whether you are a start-up or established enterprise, as part of the Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Lab you will work with developers in our lab to help solve your AI and IoT challenges, to get guidance and even get recommendations from business experts when preparing your business plan. We can assist in clean up of your hardware design, help to manufacture small scale hardware runs, debug your drivers, aid with developing supporting applications, and show you how to connect your devices at scale to the cloud. We will even assist you make sense of machine learning to develop insights from your data and help with anomaly detection. Ultimately our goal is to help you digitally transform your product and your business.

Just complete a short questionnaire to see if our labs are the right fit for your project.

Collaborate and network

As well as working with Microsoft AI and IoT experts, you will also be working alongside other select solution providers. A chance to network and be part of a cutting edge community of developers and solution providers across industries including energy and transportation, manufacturing and retail, health and wellness.

Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs can help get your AI and IoT solutions ready for the market, ready for launch, and ready to change the world.

Collaborate Network

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